"Grow Your Freedom, Impact & Income"

Is your entrepreneurship journey lonely, confusing & frustrating sometimes?

It's tough to be a successful entrepreneur in any case, but reaching that level outside of your home country can be even more intimidating.

You work hard and have great ideas, but somehow it's not translating into any serious revenue yet.

Maybe you're even considering to give up? 

That's where I come in! 

My name is Joep van Deutekom and I help expat entrepreneurs get clarity & drive revenue as their business coach here at www.joepconsulting.com

If you're interested in how I do that, click the button below to learn more.

What Other People Say



Joep will elevate you, will squeeze the best out of you and will take you with him on the way to success - Joep wants you to succeed along with him and does so with great empathy and patience!



Joep is focused and dedicated, encouraging you to go the extra mile where needed and giving support when required. I find him intelligent, and sincere. He is a great person to work with!


CK Singh

Joep is very focused and efficient. He has a positive attitude and he also motivates and supports others to reach their goals. He acts timely and decisively. It was a great journey to work with him!