About Joep van Deutekom

Joep van Deutekom is an entrepreneur from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, who grew up in a family business & finished his MBA at Rotterdam School of Management.

Joep is specialised in helping expat entrepreneurs get clarity & drive revenue as their business coach.

For this, he often uses the I.P.E.G. method, in which he works together with his clients through the four stages of successful business creation:

  1. developing your business idea,

  2. making a great business plan,

  3. executing practical steps & getting your first clients,

  4. growing the business so that it is sustainable.

A passion for the Expat Community

Joep's wife, Grace, came to the Netherlands as an expat more than a decade ago. Together, they experienced from up close the hardships that expats go through when moving to another country.

That's why they decided to start a business called 'Expat Opportunities', in which they focus on helping expats seize their opportunities abroad. Either through becoming entrepreneurs or by finding a dream job (Grace's work).

To further be able to help others out, they started the Facebook group 'Expat Opportunities', which you can view & join below.