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Your Roadmap to Entrepreneurship

Ever wanted to start a new business in the Netherlands, but don't know where to start? Went through the insane amount of information online but found that it only confuses you further? Download my roadmap now to get:


  • A simple but highly effective overview of the most important steps of starting a business in the Netherlands;

  • Avoid being confused by countless details and stay focused on the big picture;

  • Start earning income from your (side) business as soon as possible;

  • Start discovering how much fun and exciting it can be to become an entrepreneur!

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My Promise

My promise is simple. In 6 weeks, you will have everything you need to run your consulting business (and probably your first client!). I will help you leverage your expertise and guide you in turning your ideas into reality with low start-up costs and almost no risk. If you like, I can also help you with basics such as a website, booking applications and digital marketing.

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