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The Right Mindset For Being An Entrepreneur

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

In both job seeking & entrepreneurship dealing with FAILURE is key.

As an entrepreneur of a coaching or consulting business looking for better opportunities, you will need to adopt a mindset in which you can either win or learn. Getting your dream job or landing your first customer is amazing, but failing to do so is a great opportunity to learn something.

What went wrong? What is in MY sphere of influence to change so that I can improve my chances next time? Did I customize my application enough? Did I focus my business enough towards my target audience?

The biggest trap here is to blame things OUTSIDE of your influence, such as the climate, the interviewer, the customer, the world, and so on. Those things you generally cannot change, and so you will need to learn to adapt & EMBRACE them, no matter how difficult.

Sure, sometimes reality is incredibly harsh, but there's still much you can do to change your situation.

You can ask others for help, change your mindset, experiment with what ACTIONS you take, and much more.

Most of the expats I worked with wanted to start their own business, but didn't know WHAT to do at the start.

A lot of information online focuses on administrative stuff like which legal entity you should pick, and what tax rate exists in the Netherlands. They say you should get those details sorted out first.

I think that's WRONG, don't start with those things. Starting entrepreneurs use them as excuses for not actually going to market. You can always sort them out later after you have actually taken action.

The best way to become an entrepreneur in the Netherlands is to define your target customer & speak with them as soon as possible. Start SMALL. All the rest you can sort out as you go, and your offer, website (brand), etc., will be much better for it!

Let's also not forget it's important to take good care of yourself in order to succeed in your business or in your job seeking process.

It can be very tempting to skip a workout, eat less healthy food 'just for today', and forget to take a moment to relax & breath in this busy world. But you do not perform at your BEST when your body is not in good health.

My simple routines:

  1. Eat an apple every day

  2. Do sports every other day

  3. Eat at least 1 well-balanced meal per day

  4. Take time every day to relax, even if just for a bit

  5. Take a daily moment in which you reflect on what you're grateful for

Speaking of gratitude, what are you grateful for today?

I'm personally also very grateful to you for reading this blog, I really appreciate it!

I'm also very grateful to my wife. She helps a ton with my personal mindset.

I am so happy to be with someone who not only accepts me for who I am, but at the same time inspires me to NOT be content with who I am currently and to keep pushing for growth. It's a rare but wonderful combination!

She is not just my soulmate, but also my business partner. Over the last few years, I've learned that business is best done TOGETHER, and preferably with people who have your best interest at heart and want you to be the best version of yourself.

More generally, finding or creating a support NETWORK is so important for both your personal stamina and your business success. My wife & I created this group to offer that support to expats looking to accelerate their careers specifically. We hope you are enjoying your time here while we are still building the community.

If you SUPPORT us in our mission to create personal & financial freedom for expats working abroad, let us know in the comments here & help us grow this group! Please remember you are welcome to contribute to make lives better for other expats or to get help yourself by asking questions and commenting on other posts.

In our Facebook Group, we want to help each other out & share what we experienced. So that we can learn from where we failed and find support. It can really help to get your situation out there for others to provide a third party perspective. Feel free to share your story in the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/expatopportunities

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