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Start Your Own Consulting Or Coaching Business

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Do you have a steady corporate job, but also a dream to start your own business one day?

Do you feel you should quit your job before making that dream come true & only then starting your own business?

Not necessarily!

It's totally viable to start building your business next to your job. The key to do this successfully is to make sure you have:

  • LOW investment;

  • LOW risk;

  • HIGH chance of getting your first client QUICKLY so you can test the market & start earning income.

One of the best type of businesses for this purpose is to start a CONSULTING (coaching, training, etc.) business from home.

Do you ever dream of starting your own consulting business? If so, why not take your first steps TODAY?

There are so many misconceptions about starting a small business as an expat:

  • "It needs a lot of starting capital"

  • "You need to know the local market"

  • "I am not good enough to charge a great price"

  • "I need an office or physical location, which is expensive"

  • "It is very risky to start a business"

None of these are necessarily true People usually tell themselves these kind of reasons to not take ACTION in building their business. I've also told myself similar stories over the years to convince myself that staying in my comfort zone is better.

Why do you stick around in a job which drains your energy and doesn't give you purpose & fulfillment? What's stopping you from finding that dream job, or starting that (side) business which you dreamt about for so long?

Most people find excuses for questions like that. "It's not a good time right now", "the economy is bad due to COVID, so it's not safe to start a business", or "I will get started later." Believe me, I know how that feels: I used to do it all the time.

Over the years I learned that finding excuses like that keep you unhappy & are also not best for the people around you. It's much better to take ACTION rather than let things fester and rot. In Dutch, there's a saying that "soft doctors make stinky wounds".

In reality, of course, action can also be taken in small steps so that you limit the risk and give yourself the option of changing course or giving up later in case things really don't take off. But most of the time life will surprise you positively when you have the right mindset.

Ask yourself, do you want to stay where you are right now, feeling uncomfortable and pain?

Or do you want to take small steps towards who you want to be?

We are really curious what you think!

What excuses have you told yourself over the years to not start a business or take that step to dive into a new job? Let us know in the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/expatopportunities

Starting a business can be extremely expensive. But it can also be easy, low risk and with almost no investment.

My philosophy is that it's actually much smarter to start small. That way, you can take action immediately and experiment with your target customer, offer & messaging

Of course, it's also nice that you can start earning money in just a few weeks

Do you have a business idea, but unsure how to start small AND profitably? Especially in a different country with local rules, taxation & obstacles?

For those scenario's I offer a limited amount of free online strategy sessions each month, in which we brainstorm together about your future business. You can schedule it here:


Joep van Deutekom

Joep van Deutekom helps people start & grow successful consulting & coaching businesses. He is an expert in helping people get more & better clients.

Are you interested in starting or growing your own consulting or coaching business? Reach out and request a free online 1 on 1 strategy session today.